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What's your real financial score?

Today's credit-centric marketplace overemphasizes one's ability to pay back in order to qualify you for a loan. Our system focuses on accurate diagnosis of your money so you don't have to.

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Over 90% of Americans use the credit system to diagnose their financial health.

While the credit system provides insight regarding payment integrity, it lacks crucial details needed to position balance in ones' finances.

*According to CNN Money studies conducted in an effort to pressure Congress to audit the Credit Bureaus.

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360 Degree Financial Comprehension

With real time input plug-ins, customizable privacy and automated market equalizers, our platform provides ultimate precision in every category of your financial strategy.

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A system based on Credit, thrives on debt.


The average debt for Americans continues to rise regardless of the economy's strength, overall education access or cost of living. Coincidence?

We don't think so.

*According to, a leading finance analytic company, in a study published in 2020.

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Welcome to The Better Score

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